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Domestic Alarm System​

Fully Installed from £350.00

1 x 8 Zone Control panel with Remote Keypad, 1 x Internal Sounder, 1 x Delta Sounder Unit, and 3 x Passive Infra Red Sensors

* Wired System Installed to BS 4737.   50% Deposit with order, Balance to Paid on the day of completion.  Full Terms on request

Additional Detection when fitted at the time of the Installation.

Passive Infra Red Sensor £30

Dual Tec Sensor £45

Personal Attack Button £30

Door or Window Contact £25

Additional Keypad £50

Dummy Siren Unit £20

Maintenance Contract  (Free 1st Year)  £48.50 per year

Deltabell our New Alarm Sounder


The Deltabell Plus features a fully backlit sounder with illuminated cover which is activated at night to provide an around-the-clock visual deterrent.


Audible and visual deterrent

The Deltabell Plus backlit sounder produces a loud siren and strobe to alert neighbours to any intrusion on your property.


Tamper protection

The Deltabell Plus' tamper proof design means that if the cover, base or power are altered the alarm will be triggered.


Enhanced weather protection

Made with waterproof polycarbonate plastics, the Deltabell Plus illuminated sounder has extra protection around the electronics for excellent performance whatever the weather.


Protected day and night

The patented backlit design allows your security sounder to be visible day and night. The base is made with clear plastic which also allows additional light to shine through, as are the covers and, particularly the white, also allow additional light to glow through the front for even more visibility. 


EAS alarm panel control unit with neat stylish compact LCD remote keypad with 8 Zones

Each zone is separately identified on the keypad and provides ample security detection for most domestic properties.

The Accenta mini G4 has 3 part set programs
Allows three programmed setting levels dependent on the people in the property or the level of protection required, eg. night-time with upstairs detectors off and perimeter detectors on.

Simple set readers for ease of operation
Up to 4 stylish readers can be used to SET/UNSET the system with the option of using a proximity keyfob. Ideal for young, elderly or infirm.

Personal attack facility
PA buttons may be used to activate the system in an emergency. An additional PA facility exists on the remote keypads. Remote keypads for added flexibility Up to four slimline keypads can operate the system from any point in the property.

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